Ontopia 5.1.1 beta 1 released

Ontopia 5.1.1 beta 1 was released today. The main changes in this version are support for geotagging in Ontopoly, pluggable support for authentication and authorization, and a number of bug fixes.

We hope to release the final version before long. In the meantime, any and all beta testing is much appreciated.

Ontopia 5.1.0 released

We have just released Ontopia 5.1.0, which is the first release that has gone through a full release cycle while being scrutinized by the open source community. There are a lot of new features in this release. Please see the what’s new document for a complete description of what is new in this release .

Download the release here, or browse our documentation online.

In addition to what was in beta 2, the final release includes a few classify dependencies that where missing from the distribution.