Two new committers

Bouvet ASA
Bouvet ASA

Baard H. Rehn Johansen and Stig Lau, both Bouvet employees, have joined the project as committers. Their main goal initially is to add Maven2 support, add Ontopia to be distributed via Maven repositories, and generally lower the bar for working with Ontopia for new developers.

Morpheus Software joins the Ontopia project

morpheus-logo-url-nl-1200-1600Morpheus Software has just joined the Ontopia project with two committers: Peter-Paul Kruijsen and Quintin Siebers. Morpheus Software has been an Ontopia partner for many years, and done a number of projects in the Netherlands for customers like the Amsterdam Police, the Dutch Tax Office, etc.

Morpheus has over the years developed a number of modules on top of Ontopia. While the OKS was closed source the modules were also closed, but some of these they now intend to donate to the project. Further discussion of the donations will follow shortly on the mailing list.

Publicity for the 5.0.0 release

The 5.0.0 release received quite a bit of attention, and has been written about in a number of different places:

In addition, the release was widely noted on Twitter.

The end result was that we have had 334 downloads in 5 days, which is not bad. Only one problem has been reported so far: some tests fail for some users.

Ontopia 5.0.0 is released

After a month of hard work we have finally released the first open source version of Ontopia, which you can download from Google Code. This is the same product as the old commercial Ontopia Knowledge Suite, but with an open source license, and with the old license key restrictions removed.

The new version has been created by not just by the Bouvet employees who have always worked on the product, but also by open source volunteers. We are happy to say that the project is already functioning as a true open source project.

In addition to bug fixes and minor changes, the main new features in this version are: