The TopicMapsLab has launched a new service called Maiana, which is a social topic map browser. The Maiana browser is deliberately made quite similar to the Omnigator so people will find it familiar, but has a couple of new features, like allowing anyone to upload their topic maps, and allowing comments on topics and topic maps.

Interestingly, Maiana is a Ruby on Rails application running in JRuby using JRTM (to be released; more information then), with Ontopia as the backend. So Maiana is actually an Ontopia application.


Toma in the cloud

Thomas Neidhart has set up an Omnigator instance that runs on Google AppEngine, which you can visit here. He has installed the Toma implementation in the generic query plugin in this installation, which means you can try out Toma queries on it. To do so, go here, select Toma from the list of query languages, and try it out. There is a list of example Toma queries in the second drop-down list.