Bouvet now selling Ontopia support

Bouvet now offers commercial high-quality support on the Ontopia product following a new price model adapted to the open source license of the product. For the OKS support prices were a percentage of the license price, but as Ontopia licenses are free this model was clearly not going to work any more.

In the new support model there are three different levels of support, as described in the table below.

Silver Gold Platinum
Issues/year 10 40
Authorized contacts 1 2 3
Response time 7 days 2 days 1 day
Optimization 16 hours/free
Yearly fee EUR 1.000 EUR 6.000 EUR 10.000

Note that “optimization” here is understood to mean help with performance issues. This is only available on the Platinum level, and is limited even there, simply because issues of this kind are generally time-consuming to deal with.

If you are interested in purchasing Ontopia support, please contact Lars Marius Garshol (user larsga, domain

IRC channel

We used to run an IRC channel at Ontopia since … basically since forever, as a quick and easy place for customers and partners to get hold of us and ask questions. This was, however, on a server we ran, and protected by a password. We have now moved onto the open network run by Freenode. So please log into and join us on the channel #ontopia!