Ontopia 5.1.3 beta 1 released

Ontopia 5.1.3 beta 1 has just been released. This is a fairly minor release which fixes a few bugs and adds some minor new functionality. For the full details, please see the release notes.

A proposal for SDshare push

Lars Marius Garshol has posted a proposal for a push form of SDshare to the topicmapmail mailing list. The need for this form of the protocol is explained in this blog posting. Thoughts and opinions on the design are very much welcome.

Geotagging in Ontopoly

We thought it might be interesting to show off one of the new features in 5.1.1: geotagging.

Let’s imagine that you are making a map of pubs, as some of us do. The geographical location of a pubs is a very important piece of information to attach to it, so let’s do that. We create two occurrence types, latitude and longitude, and give them the required PSIs. Once we’ve done that, the pub instance page looks like this:

Geotagging a pub #1

Note the little icon next to the latitude field. Clicking that will open a dialog window, as follows:

Geotagging dialog #1

If you now type in the address and click the “Search” button, and then zoom in, you see the following:

Geotagging a pub #2

This is the correct location, so we just click “Set position” at the bottom, and are done. Alternatively, you can click anywhere on the map to set a different position. After clicking “Set position” you come back to the topic, with the coordinates set, as shown below:

Geotagging a pub #2