Aranuka 1.0 is released

Hannes Niederhausen of The TopicMaps Lab in Leipzig has released Aranuka 1.0, a Topic Maps object data binding tool, which supports persisting information stored in Java objects in a topic map. Effectively, it means you can write normal Java objects encapsulating your business logic and have Aranuka take care of storing the data in a topic map for you. Aranuka works with Ontopia and tinyTiM.

Aranuka is not part of Ontopia, but since it adds value to Ontopia users we thought it would be good to mention it here.

Here is an example showing how you could implement a simple class representing Person topics, and have Aranuka store the data about the person in a topic map for you:

public class Address {

  private int id;

  private String zipCode;

  private String city;

  private String street;

  private String number;

  public int getId() {
    return id;

  public void setId(int id) { = id;

  public String getZipCode() {
    return zipCode;

  public void setZipCode(String zipCode) {
    this.zipCode = zipCode;

  public String getCity() {
    return city;

  public void setCity(String city) { = city;

  public String getStreet() {
    return street;

  public void setStreet(String street) {
    this.street = street;

  public String getNumber() {
    return number;

  public void setNumber(String number) {
    this.number = number;

The example was taken from the Aranuka manual, which has more information.

TMQL implementation in the sandbox

Sven Krosse of the topicmapslab has implemented the current TMQL draft (from 2008-07-15) and his implementation has been checked into the Ontopia sandbox. It can be built with Maven (mvn package), but requires you to tell Maven where to find the current Ontopia .jar built from trunk. Once built the processor implements the same QueryProcessorIF interface as the tolog and Toma implementations, and so can be accessed from the Omnigator query plugin with some minimal configuration.



The TopicMapsLab has launched a new service called Maiana, which is a social topic map browser. The Maiana browser is deliberately made quite similar to the Omnigator so people will find it familiar, but has a couple of new features, like allowing anyone to upload their topic maps, and allowing comments on topics and topic maps.

Interestingly, Maiana is a Ruby on Rails application running in JRuby using JRTM (to be released; more information then), with Ontopia as the backend. So Maiana is actually an Ontopia application.

TopicMapsLab joins the Ontopia project


Hannes Niederhausen of the TopicMapsLab in Leipzig became the second external committer to the Ontopia project, and has now written a TMAPI 2.0 implementation for the Ontopia project. The TopicMapsLab has announced that it intends, through Hannes, to continue work on the project, and also to use Ontopia for its own infrastructure.