Ontopia/Liferay demo

We have now put together a short and simple demo of the Ontopia/Liferay integration and showed it to a customer. In order to share this with a wider audience we took some screenshots from the demo and dumped them into the PowerPoint presentation.

What this presentation shows is roughly:

  • Why we developed the integration,
  • What the integration does,
  • Some technical bits on how it could be used, and
  • A series of screenshots of web content being created and linked into the topic map

This is still fairly rough, so we will develop a better demo as soon as we can, but for now this is what there is.

Ontopia/Liferay presentation

Matthias Fischer, who is writing the Ontopia/Liferay integration, did a presentation of his work at the internal BouvetOne conference here at Bouvet. The slides show what he’s doing in a bit more detail and also show some screenshots, which give a more in-depth impression of what this is going to look like.

We will follow up with more information once we have progressed a bit further.