Ontopia in Maven Central

A long living wish has been fulfilled: Ontopia is available in the Maven Central repository.

Soon after Ontopia was open sourced, a wish was made to get the Ontopia Maven artifacts into the Maven Central repository. Due to the GitHub move, we could no longer use the GoogleCode Ontopia repository and were forced to finish this.

All remaining blocking issues were solved by releasing our own copies of external dependencies not present in central. You can find these dependencies in the externals repository. We can remove dependencies from this repository when they are released to central by their maintainers. All requirements of releasing to central are managed by a new super-pom project.

Ontopia 5.3.0 was released to Maven Central, and so will future releases. An Ontopia maven repository definition in your project’s pom file is no longer needed when using Ontopia 5.3.0 or newer as a dependency.

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