OKS and Ontopia

Some users who have written to us have been confused about the relationship between the old OKS (Ontopia Knowledge Suite) and the new open source Ontopia edition. They have also been confused about what is and isn’t allowed with the new open source edition. So we thought we’d post a little about that to make things clearer.

The commercial edition of the product, which existed from May 2001 until June 2009, was the Ontopia Knowledge Suite (OKS). It came in four different editions:

  • OKS Personal, which was just the engine.
  • OKS Professional, which was everything but the database backend.
  • OKS Enterprise, which was everything.
  • OKS Samplers, which was the free download. It was basically OKS Professional minus the tools for making new applications.

Now there is just Ontopia, which is almost exactly the same as the old OKS Enterprise. The difference is that we took out the code that deals with license keys since we don’t sell license keys any more. We also cleaned up a bit, and threw out some legacy stuff that nobody used.

As for what you can do with the new open source Ontopia that’s simple: anything the Apache Software License says you can do. Specifically, that means you can download it as many times as you want, install it anywhere you want, and use it for any purpose you want. All for free.