Ontopia and YQL

Trond Pettersen has written a small service to embed tolog in YQL (Yahoo Query Language), which he describes in a blog posting. Essentially, this takes a tolog query and the URI of a topic map, and produces JTM 1.1-like output suitable for further processing YUI3.

Building Web Applications with Ontopia, part 3

The Christmas break gave Trond Pettersen enough time to complete part 3 in his series about Building Web Applications with Ontopia. This part shows how to write the code of the actual JSP pages that make up the web application. This means that the series is now completed to the point where it shows you how to actually build an entire web application using Ontopia and Topic Maps.

For reference, these are the parts completed so far:

  1. Installation and requirements
  2. Creating the database
  3. Writing the JSPs