Upcoming Ontopia events

The upcoming Topic Maps 2010 conference in Oslo on April 14-15 will feature a number of Ontopia-related presentations. There is a full-day Ontopia tutorial during the tutorial day, and also a half-day tutorial on using Ontopia with Ruby on Rails. There are also a number of Ontopia-related presentations during the conference itself.

The week before there will also be a meeting about Ontopia held by the Norwegian Java User’s Group in Grimstad, in southern Norway, on April 7th.

Presentation about NRK/Skole case

Lars Marius Garshol of Bouvet and Per Magnus Løvold and Eirik Befring of NRK (Norwegian National Broadcasting) did a presentation of the NRK/Skole project for the Norwegian Topic Maps User’s Group yesterday. The presentation is about the project itself, the ontology, experiences from the project, and the use of the national curriculum as linked data.

It’s in Norwegian only, unfortunately.