As seen on national TV

This evening a series of promos for NRK/Skole, a kind of educational version of YouTube running on Ontopia, will run on national TV in Norway. Specifically, on NRK1 at 1857, 2043, and 2257. The purpose is the promos is to make more students and teachers aware of the service now that school is starting again after summer.

If you can’t receive Norwegian TV, you can watch the promo here. Sadly, the promo entirely fails to mention Ontopia.

Publicity for the 5.0.0 release

The 5.0.0 release received quite a bit of attention, and has been written about in a number of different places:

In addition, the release was widely noted on Twitter.

The end result was that we have had 334 downloads in 5 days, which is not bad. Only one problem has been reported so far: some tests fail for some users.