Site redesigns

The NRK/Skole web site, running on Ontopia, was relaunched in a new design over Easter, to coincide with a series of promotional videos shown on national TV during Easter. The site functionality remains the same.

Similarly, the service section of the City of Bergen portal was relaunched with a new graphical look and feel today.

2 thoughts on “Site redesigns”

  1. Nice!

    Both sites look better, but Bergen Kommune’s certainly has gotten a long awaited improvement to the interface.

    Shame they haven’t used Ajax or even just the simplest of collapsible blocks on pages like though. Seems like such a waste – of both time and resources – to do full page loads for so little extra information in 2010. It would be the simplest of improvements…

    (of course they could still make this accessible — with little work)

  2. Hello,

    I know it doesn’t make much sense to leave the feedback, but anyway…

    For some reasons I think the new website could be much better…

    Especially the graphic design…

    There sould be more pictures on the main site, the text on the main site sould definity invite more to start reading it.

    It’s always good to have the golden ratio in the design, e.g. like, it just looks better…

    Also the details in usability: I read “Home/ DOWNLOAD” in the top left corner, but “home” is not a link to get back to the home page….

    Just to be curious (and sorry if it’s sound rude): did you pay a professional graphic designer to do the website layout? It looks more like a technical person did the design…

    I am not sure if the doctype definition is correct, one some pages there is only the “h3” defined but no “h1” or “h2” headings. Like if the about page had the h1 heading defined, it would be more search engine friendly…


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