Computer Society meeting notes

The Computer Society meeting about Ontopia on Tuesday was quite well attended, and had quite a bit of discussion about both the use cases and the Ontopia project in general.

The first presentation was by Lars Marius Garshol about the City of Bergen project. The slides are not posted, since they were just a shortened version of the original talk, which was also published in the TMRA 2007 proceedings.

The second presentation was about the same project, but given by Ragnar Bøe of the City of Bergen administration. Slides here (warning: Norwegian).

The third presentation was a joint presentation by Geir Ove Grønmo (of Bouvet) and Per Magnus Løvold (from the customer) about the NRK/Skole project for Norwegian National Broadcasting. Slides in Norwegian.

The final presentation was a presentation of the status of the Ontopia project two months into the project by Lars Marius Garshol. The slides are in English.

Afterwards some of the attendees moved on to beers at Myrens Verksted, as usual.

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