Email blackout

We have been getting lots of emails with requests for access to the source code, free licenses, and slides and other Ontopia documentation. We’re very happy to see all this interest in the product, but unfortunately replying to all these requests take time. We have to consider the request, in some cases talk to management, find the material requested, and so on.

At the same time we are really eager about the open sourcing and spending as much time as we can on setting up the infrastructure and getting the code ready. At the moment there is nothing left to wait for. The more time we can dedicate to setting this up, the faster it will become available for everyone.

Therefore, we have decided not to reply to such requests before we have released as much of our material as we can, since doing so would delay the release for everyone else.

So if we are not replying to your request now you know why. Sorry.


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